Zoltan Sensei 2nd DAN


Zoltan Szilvai first studied martial arts in 1992 in Debrecen, Hungary. later he became a competitor of Kick Box & Karate which he continued in LondonZoltan Aikido in 2001 with Gyula Olah Sensei in his home town Debrecen, Hungary. Zoltan moved to Budapest in the same year to study at the Zriny Miklos National Defence University where he graduated as a Reconnaissance Paratrooper, Second lieutenant and Close-Range-Combat Instructor with Colonel Colonel Zoltan Zollei PhD. After seeking another Dojo to practice Aikido he found the Hungarian Kobayashi Dojo federation where Balazs Szabo Sensei 5th DAN was his teacher. Zoltan studied Aikido at Honshin Dojo until 2009 when he left Hungary and relocated to London. Zoltan passed his 1st DAN grade in 2009. In London he joined the Open Aikido Association where he met Chris Diacopoulos Sensei 3rd DAn and continued his practice of Kobayashi style of AikidoZoltan passed his Aikido coaching exam in 2011 and opened the Shuykan Dojo. Zoltan passed his 2nd DAN grade in 2012